Riverside bereavement club, really, is a friendship club for the partners left behind, maybe it will be called Riverside Friendship Club, the title is unimportant at the moment, it’s the idea and the assistance that will be given that is so important, on top of this, people can bring along friends of theirs as well, it doesn’t matter whether they have lost someone or not, or whether they used another Funeral Director. It is the help, and the use, of all the other members assisting each other, either by counselling each other, or helping each other materialistically, i.e. gardening, painting and decorating cooking or just chatting with each other. We will have coffee mornings, meetings at a local venue just up the road, and maybe indoor and outdoor bowling.













Specialist people will be involved and invited to join everyone at some of the meetings, giving their advice, and their assistance wherever they can, such as:


The Community police:                                                                                                                                                                                                      They will be invited to join us once or twice a week, just to pop in and chat, get to know people and help with any issues.



Mrs Carol Jacklin:                                                                                                                                                                                                            My wife, one of our local Practice Nurses at Long Sutton and Sutton Bridge Doctors Surgeries, and our inhouse Funeral Celebrant, has been invited to help in bereavement issues, medical issues and advice.


Minister's of the Church & their Supporting Readers:                                                                                                                                                       From the local areas, Spalding, Pinchbeck, Deeping, Moulton, Whaplode, Holbeach, Long Sutton, Sutton Bridge, and all other surrounding areas will be invited to join us.


Two gentlemen musicians, one on the keyboards, and one on the Accordion, for musical sessions.


We have a citizen’s advice office in Spalding open every day, and one in Long Sutton, open twice weekly. Not many people know of this service, but their advice is sometimes invaluable.


In addition, and to be personally involved we hope, Local Nursing Homes themselves, the Managers and Owners, which some we do already know and value. To attend, and with their knowledge and expertise, and their advice on caring matters, will also be invaluable.


More often than not, elderly people, especially those left on their own to cope, are often trapped by their own circumstances, struggling to do their food shopping or travelling to the doctors and hospitals, I would encourage as many other members of the club to help each other out, if at all possible, all helping each other in some way, giving them all a purpose to carry on and live out the rest of their lives to the full, making them feel worthwhile and valued.


We would be able to order any amount of shopping, for as many people as required via the internet, and get it delivered to their door, once or twice a week, whatever they require, cutting their food shopping bills and travelling expenses, and getting the cheapest of goods on offer, Be it food or furnishings.

All large stores deliver, Argos, Asda, Tesco, they already deliver in many areas, so we can shop online, at whichever store is preferred. I will assist in ordering any commodities they require and have them delivered to their door, pay utility bills online for them. Any advice they require, seek online and assist.


We can arrange Wills, Pre- Paid Funerals, Council assistance, financial or services, day trips, meetings in a comfortable environment, indoor bowls maybe, summer barbeques, coffee mornings, assist Charity organisations with coffee and cake mornings, keeping them interested in life, helping them along in life, instead of being left at home, alone and depressed.


We all need other people, we need to socialise with other people, we actually need other people to survive, and many people do not recognise this fact. We can do this at no cost to ourselves, but deliver an exceptional service to all involved


Nursing Home Managers can advise on their care and facilities if someone cannot cope alone at home, for whatever reason.

Supply Brochures, invite them to their Nursing Home for day visits, and summer venues maybe, charity days.


So Riverside Funeral Services will organise, and with the help of the specialists, assist in aftercare, looking after our most treasured of all, our Mums and Dads who are left behind to cope, as families often through life itself, have not got the time to assist Mum or Dad as much as they would like to, this is where we help out.


So, I see my job, not just in looking after their loved one whom they have just lost, but to also, very importantly, to assist Mum or Dad,      

( in whatever way they will let us ) " who are left behind " ( as they see it ), to cope alone, feeling hurt at being left alone, angry, depressed, and wishing sometimes that they weren’t here either.


There fore, if you know of any family whom might  benefit, who seek advice from yourselves in looking for a new Funeral Director, with a difference, who also cares very much for the living, then we are at their and your service.


If I can be of any further help, please call me on 01775 722567 or 01406 259503.

Yours Sincerely,

Kevin Jacklin.