This beautiful pale looking coffin has a limed oak effect with matching moulds.   Priced at: £260.00.



This coffin has a beautiful dark cherry mahogany effect with matching moulds.   Priced at: £318.00.

BELOW: The Cambridge: Elm Effect coffin with matching moulds.                                               Priced at £320.00. 

BELOW: The Morpeth coffin: Light Oak Wood Effect coffin with matching mould.            Priced at £324.00.

BELOW: The Arran: A dark Oak effect coffin with matching moulds.                    Priced at £324.00.

BELOW: The Ipswich: Elm raised lid coffin.

                                      Priced at £356.00. 

 BELOW: The Harewood: Mahogany raised lid  coffin.                                                                   Priced at £356.00.

 BELOW: The Carlton: A SOLID Paulownia style coffin, with            routered panel sides and ends, with a raised lid finish. Available in Light, Medium and Mahogany finish.  Priced at £370.00.

BELOW: The Exeter: A Golden Maple veneer style   coffin with routered Jacobean panels and raised lid, polished to a high gloss finish.     Priced at £515.00 

BELOW: The Belgravia: A lightweight PLY coffin, veneered

in Paulownia, made using a solid lattice frame. It is very strong   and exceptionally lightweight. Available in Light,  Medium or       Mahogany finish.                                        Priced at £550.00.

BELOW: The Lindisfarne: A semi solid Oak coffin with Jacobean panels to the side, ends and raised lid, polished  in Mid Oak.                      Priced at £550.00.

BELOW: The Buckingham Casket: Solid Paulownia style casket     with decorative panels to the sides and ends, fluted corner pillars  and split swing statesman raised lid. Polished in a medium Mahogany high gloss finish.                            Priced at £1'251.00.

BELOW: The Royal Riverside Casket:  Solid Poplar style casket finished in a high gloss Mahogany polish, it has decorative sides and end moulds, high domed hinged raised lid, with a white crepe interior with adjustable bed, suitable for Cremation or Burial.         Priced at £1'400.00.

BELOW: Head Of Christ:  ITALIAN coffin made of SOLID OAK, with a carved Head of Christ to the sides.   Priced at £1'400.00

BELOW: Head Of Christ:  ITALIAN SOLID MAHOGANY coffin, with a carved Head Of Christ to the sides.  Priced at £1'350.00.

BELOW: Last Supper: ITALIAN SOLID OAK coffin with decorative carvings to the sides and lid depicting Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper.       Priced at £1'265.00.