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                  Will Collect Your Loved One From Anywhere In England.

We assist families and authorities.

Sometimes, Some Families, just don't want to have a funeral.


Maybe it's because they don't want any fuss, or maybe because of their beliefs, maybe it's a financial decision, or maybe it's just not what your loved one would have wanted. Maybe he/she was too practical for a normal funeral service, just not their style. They wanted to be cremated but that's it, No fuss.. 



So why feel as though you have a have, a traditional funeral ?

You don't have too, there is no legal requirement for any family to hold a funeral ceremony. You are completely free to deal with a loved one's death with the minimum of fuss, or no fuss at all, or to hold whatever form of "goodbye" is most appropriate for you or the person who has died. We can all either celebrate a passing of life or mourn someones death, every family deals with their grief differently, most do go down the traditional route, but nowadays some families, sometimes do turn away from the traditional funeral, something quick, without ceremony, relying on treasured memories to help them through their grief.  If you or your loved one didn't want the trouble of a traditional funeral, Then we will help you through the legal process of arranging a cremation your way, without a Service. There is no need to involve any traditional proceedings.   



Riverside Funeral Services will then carry out the cremation on your behalf. 


Family and friends do not attend.


We look after you, or your loved one ( The Deceased ) in the proper way, with care, with dignity and with respect. We provide a very nice Morpeth coffin, which can be viewed on our Coffin Gallery page. We arrange the time for the cremation, the nearest Crematorium that will suit Riverside's Funeral Services needs, and once we have received the GREEN FORM from the family, or the CORONERS FORM 6 from the Coroner, we then sort all the other legalities out regarding the paperwork. 


There will be No words. No minister. No traditional Funeral Service.


There will be no friends or family members waiting for the deceased. You are allowed to be able to leave this earth with absolutely no fuss, alone and in peace if that is what is wanted. 


Myself and my men will pay our last respects in looking after you or your loved one, ( The Deceased ), with some nice music to enter the chapel with, and a final Bow from us, and with no onlookers the curtains will close, and the cremation will then follow. We can either arrange to bring yours, or your loved one's ashes back to Riverside for your family, or we can arrange for a scattering of the ashes in the crematoriums Garden Of Rest. 

If your needs differ from the above, call me, talk to me,





Call Carol or Kevin Jacklin on 01406 259503  or  01775 722567.