Helping yourself heal


It's not easy, because you won't feel like doing anything, or going anywhere, BUT to help yourself, you need to keep your mind active, so don't stay in hiding behind doors, go out, play bowls, darts, join a club, photography, art classes, get involved. Help other people, sounds silly you may think, it's you that needs help, but it works, helping others, actually helps you. You meet new people, make new friends, but above all you realise that your life has to go on,

DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. Your loved one doesn't want you to be depressed, whither away, fall to the wayside, it's not your time yet, you still have things to do, to learn, to experience. Try to be strong, for yourself, for your family, and for your loved one that's departed.


We Are Here For You




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       National Helpline on       0844 477 9400.

You Are Not Alone


There are times in our lives when the burden of anxiety or any other emotional pain can be too much to cope with alone. Often it is at these times when we find it hardest to talk to those close to us and indeed they may even be part of the difficulty.


Talking to a counsellor can help to shed light on a way forward. It may not be without upset, as issues are explored, but in a confidential and non-judgemental environment  insight can be gained identifying the roots of a problem and helping you to find a way forward.


In a therapeutic setting, the bereaved present their thoughts and feelings about their bereavement and their loss, relationship difficulties, low self esteem, issues effecting them personally, stress, and many with depressive symptoms including low mood and anxiety.


Through exploration clarity can be achieved together with new coping strategies that are useful long after the therapy has concluded. 


Even for those who do not find talking so easy there are creative therapeutic aids that can help to make the process a more comfortable experience.


Solution Focused Brief Therapy might be the way forward if you feel some short term intervention is your choice of treatment.


Your Therapy,

Your Choice.




                                         Bring The Light Back Into Your Life. 


You Can Try: Cruse Bereavement Care. For Lincolnshire the Boston & District Branch details are: Tel: 01205 357396 or email:,   plus a list and contact details of all other areas. click on or paste the link below and find your nearest branch. 
Click on The Link Below: 
For Local & District Branches 





For Private Consultations call:            Jaqueline Jackson


              BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) since 2007. 

        After several years in the NHS, counselling those referred by GP's and other healthcare  
       professionals, Jacqueline has made a return to private practice where she seeks to meet 
                                         the individual needs of every client.

       Telephone enquiries, at anytime and will be treated with sensitivity and in confidence.

                              Counselling sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

                              Fees are £40 per individual and £55 per couple

                                           Payment is by cash or cheque

                                        Concessions: Counselling students


                                        9.30am - 15.30 Monday - Saturday

                                 Some evening appointments also available.

                                  Location: Tydd St Giles, Cambridgeshire, PE13

                       Just a few miles from Long Sutton, Wisbech, Holbeach, Spalding.

                         20 miles from Kings Lynn and 25 miles from Peterborough.

                                              Parking: Onsite free parking.


What is grief ?


Do not fear grief, it is a very natural emotion, sometimes uncontrollable, sometimes the person we know, seems like a person you don't know, We usually associate grief with the loss of a loved one, that is the most common emotion we all have to go through, sometime during our lives. The loss of a loved one changes our lives forever, the fear of the future without our dearest, feeling alone, even though family may be around you, until they have to go home. Then you are even more alone, truly alone. 

Everyone experiences grief differently, we may withdraw from life, from family, feel totally helpless, while someone else may feel anger, frustration, and even motivated in other ways.

No matter which reaction the grieving person may feel, they need the help of family, friends and sometimes neighbours. Try not to fight their reactions, their behaviour or their anger. It is a natural way the body and mind deals with their loved one's death. Try to understand, and react with compassion, it can be difficult, but the grieving person does need you, even though they may not want you fussing over them.

Therefore, it is often useful for the person in grief and for the helper to have information about the grieving process.

The grieving process
Grief counselling 
Bring The Light Back Into Your Life. 


Cruse Bereavement Care, for Lincolnshire the Boston & District Branch details are: Tel: 01205 357396 or email:,   plus a list and contact details of all other areas. click on or paste the link below and find your nearest branch. 
Click on The Link Below: 
For Local & District Branches 

Accepting a loss


To be honest, you never get over your loss, you accept your loss over time, no one can tell you how long, only you will know when you are slowly beginning to accept your loved one is not there, sad, but hopeful that you will be together again, one day, as I'm sure you will. 

 The Boston & District Branch details are: 

                Tel: 01205 357396 or    


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