We are extremely particular, rather regimental when it comes to our funerals. Everything has to be just so, precise, in place, perfect. Personally I have been the office Manager/Arranger and Funeral Director for F. E. Walton & Son's of Long Sutton, and I have worked for Dignity Funerals Ltd, who actually own F. E. Walton & Son's, for just over seven years. Before that I worked for an Independant Funeral Director in Ripley, Derbyshire, Archway Funeral Services, owned by Mr Terry Daniel, whom  I can only thank a million times, for teaching me, and instilling into me, his very high standards. I brought his standards with me to F. E. Walton & Son, and worked rigerously in keeping and developing his and my standards even further. Now Carol and I have our own business, standards are priority. 

We always do everything possible, in helping all our bereaved families, as they travel down this very sad path, easing their journey through such very painful times, in their need for friendly, strong helping hands, with good information, and the ability to understand their every need. We find it essential, to befriend all our families, and not treat them as though they are just another client of, just another funeral firm. We do, by habit, befriend all the families that we have looked after, and do look after, with their permission of course, and relating to their responses towards us. We treat their loved one as though he or she were our very own, that way I know personally, that we cannot go wrong. I myself have lost both my parents now, and Carol her Father, so we always put ourselves in the same situation as our families, feeling their need and despair, their pain and their sorrow. 

I am very passionate in doing this kind of work, my work, and I mean  passionate, and I care very deeply for my bereaved families, in my opinion, you have to be a very special kind of person, with an understanding and respect for others, that must be above everything else.


Carol is also our inhouse Funeral Celebrant, and if you read our testimonials you will see how caring, and passionate she is in delivering the exact service that your family have asked for.  


About Riverside Funeral Services

Our Heritage


Our heritage has come from living life it'self, being brought up to respect everyone, whoever they are, from whatever background. Bringing respect & dignity to our business. Carol through her nursing career and myself through, well my parents I suppose. Having installed into me to always be polite, friendly, caring for others. But being a funeral Director brings a proud upstanding sense into my life, caring for the most precious thing in someone elses life, Their loved one. 

Our Facilities


We are new in Sutton Bridge, but not the area as I used to work for a funeral directors in Long Sutton, and Carol, also known as C.J, covering Long Sutton and Sutton Bridge Medical Centre's as a Registered Nurse. We opened our first office in Spalding nearly three years ago and now it is time to move a little closer to the area I know, live in and love, and help the local people of the Sutton Area's. 

The new office has been completely refurbished with all new equipment, furniture and carpeting. It has a traditional look to it and is very bright and welcoming. Do please call in to have a chat and maybe a cup of tea or coffee with us.

Our Staff


Our staff are like minded people to ourselves. We look after everyone with the respect that we ( older timers ) were brought up with. No back chatting, no arguing with our piers, The elders of our community were respected above all others, they had earnt their respect throughout all the years they had lived, fought for their country and worked. And our staff treat everyone as though they were their own. They are professional, smart, caring, respectful and very friendly. I am proud of who I work with. 

Our Community


Riverside Bereavement club, really, is a friendship Club for the partners left behind, maybe it will be called Riverside Friendship Club, the title is unimportant, it’s the idea and the assistance that will be given that is so important, on top of this, people can bring along friends of theirs as well, it doesn’t matter whether they have lost someone or not, or whether they used another Funeral Director. It is the help, and the use, of all the other members assisting each other, either by counselling each other, or helping each other materialistically, i.e. gardening, painting and decorating cooking or just chatting with each other. We will have coffee mornings, meetings at a local venue just up the road, and maybe indoor and outdoor bowling.

Sutton Bridge Light House

SUTTON BRIDGE, The Gateway From Norfolk To Lincolnshire