Honoring Life


Honoring a life can be done in many different ways, A church service maybe, or a service at the crematorium first, followed on, at a later date with a memorial service, or then again maybe you just prefer a family service at one of our local crematoriums. Planting a tree in memory of your loved one is a nice idea, buying a piece of jewellery in memory of your loved one. Taking your loved ones ashes home in a beautiful urn, keeping them close to you. Keeping a memory book full of the things you and your loved one enjoyed doing together,or seeing together, special walks, special memories, special photographs. However you wish to deal with your loss, we are here to help you in any way we can, with anything you want, or need.

We will cater to your every need, if you wish it, whether it is a church service for your family, a memorial service at a later date after a cremation service, or perhaps you prefer just a family service  at the crematorium, or maybe a green burial or a graveside service. We can cater for your service sheets, and for your floral tributes by our in house florist. We have our own in house Funeral Celebrant, Mrs Carol Jacklin, who's services are arranged completely around your family, if you read the testimonial page on this website it will give you a picture of the service we give to our families. If you prefer, we can arrange for a religious minister to give you a full religious service at either his/her church or at the crematorium. 

Your Choice Of Funeral

Funeral Services


We are here to look after you, and your family.

We are here to look after your loved one, in every sense of the word.

We will care for them like they are one of our own family members. Our standards are high, even old fashioned, we are regimental when we carry out the funeral, but  we are very friendly and very professional.

You will have the highest of standards in care for your lovd one, and in carrying out the funeral service on the day, as we believe we are looking after the most precious possession any family can bestow upon us, their loved one. 


Burial or Cremation

Coffins and Caskets

Ashes and Urns

Alternative Funerals


We can arrange a Green Burial Funeral for you with our good friend and owner of the South Lincolnshire Natural Burial Ground at Sutterton, near Boston, Lincolnshire. Bob has just opened a new natural burial ground behind his Public House and Restaurant THE THATCHED COTTAGE, at Sutterton  

Online Memorials


A Beautiful Headstone is a long lasting memorial that you can visit in the quiet of a cemetery or Churchyard as many times as you like, remembering your loved one in the peace and tranquillity of a well kept area. To view our Memorial Page please click on the link below.





A notification of your loved ones funeral is sometimes a very practical way of informing the wider community of the sad passing of your loved one. We will, under your instruction only, arrange, draw up, proof to you, and forward to the Newspaper of your choice, a Funeral Service Notice, and an acknowledgement after the service if required. You will have no worry's regarding the deadline for the notification as that will be sorted out by our professional staff.


Death Certificates


The following people can register the death:

• Any relative of the person who has died.

• Any person present at the death.

• The person who lives in the house where the person has died.

• The person arranging the funeral.


If the Coroner is involved the procedure is different, after clicking on the link below, scroll down the page to the coroners section.   


Once you have collected the doctors certificate of death, either from the doctors surgery, or the bereavement office, at a hospital. Make an appointment at the registrars.  

The registrar will give you a Green Certificate, which you Must give to us, your Funeral Director, as soon as possible following the registration.

You will also receive a White Certificate, which you should fill in and send to the social security office for the area where the person died.

You will be able to purchase official copies of the Death Certificate from the registrar when registering. The registrar will charge a small fee for these. We can advise you of their charges before you go. Most people have around 5. Todays fee for a Death Certificate is £11.00 each, if more are required at a later date then you will need to ring the registrar's Office.

You will need these certificates for things such as Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Credit Card Suppliers, Councils, Private Pension Companies, State Pensions, etc.



"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro





Our Floral Designs are provided On Behalf Of Our ( Special Floral Service ) That We Offer. Simpler Tributes Are Provided With The Same Attention And Care That Our Specialist Tributes Get. All Our Flowers Arrive Twice A Week From Holland, And You won't Get  Petal Drop, That I Can Promise.